Glassy Mountain Homeowners

(A Social & Support Organization)


Although Glassy Residents contribute much and often to national charities, we have some special ones of our own.

Cliffs Residents Outreach

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Friends of the Children of Haiti


The Friends of The Children of Haiti is a non-profit organization with a simple but profound mission - to bring medicine and basic health care, including surgery, to the people of Haiti, most of all the children.

We have built a clinic in Haiti (the Haitian people call it “House of Life”) and currently make 6 mission trips per year to accomplish our goals.


 The House of Life    Garron at work


Our website is, or Sharon and Garron Glukas would be happy to answer any questions about FOTCOH and can be reached at 895-7201 or,



Glassy Elves

The Glassy Elves project is a partnership with Tigerville Elementary School to provide Christmas gifts for Tigerville students and their siblings whose families are economically disadvantaged. The eligible families are screened and selected by the principal and guidance counselor at the school. Each student sponsor/Elf is provided with a wish list for their child and asked to spend $75-100 on toys and clothing and make a $15-25 donation toward food for the long holiday break. This project is independent of any Cliff’s organization. 

Glassy Elves -- Contact: Bev Leech at 895-0921 or

Pet Tender Angels


Pet Tender Angels Rescue and Rehabilitation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit that provides rescue and rehabilitation for homeless animals, focusing on feral, stray, abandoned, and special needs dogs. Pet Tender Angels gives a second, and sometimes last chance, to animals that, through no fault of their own, have no other options left.  Established and run by Lori Jewel along with a dedicated team of volunteers, including several Glassy residents, the shelter has rescued and found forever homes for hundreds of dogs in the last 12 years since relocating to Landrum. PTA is Glassy's "adopted" shelter and Glassy residents have played a huge role in the growth and success of their efforts.


Visit their website for more information:

Contact Mary Ellen Bosworth at 895-7252  or Mary Ann Renner at 895-3366 with questions or to learn how you can help at .



Volunteer Tutors

Come join about ten of your neighbors who have volunteered to help at this International Baccalaureate school.  The need is greater each school year due to budget reductions and higher poverty levels.
You can pick the grade level (K-5) you wish to help.  You can work with a specific teacher in a classroom or you can participate in the after school program which starts at 2:30 and runs until 6:00 (you don’t need to be there the entire time).
Cliffs Residents Outreach (CRO) is coordinating this activity.
Call Jim Trunk at 895-3249 if you would like to help in this effort.