Glassy Mountain Homeowners

(A Social & Support Organization)

Real Estate - Sale/Rent/Lease

Glassy residents can post their own ads here to sell their homes.  Photos and text can be simply added to the handy template. The information will appear on both the Public and Private portions of this website.
[If you are selling the address listed for you in this Directory, then you can post the ad yourself.  If you are selling a different address, then send the information to the Administrator (Click Contact above) and it will be posted for you.]
Do you have a home you want to rent or lease?  Glassy Property Owners can post an ad for their rental properties on Glassy Mountain here as well.  Simply fill in the template.
If you have property elsewhere that you are willing to rent, please list it in the Classifieds section of the website.
To find additional rentals / lease properties in all Cliffs Communities, contact Crescent Hospitality, LLC which manages The Cliffs Residential Rental Homes.  866-725-4337

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